Nov 5, 2017

Should I hire a Makeup Artist for my Photo Shoot?| ANGELA SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY| PITTSBURGH, PA

Most people don’t think that make-up really plays an important role in how your pictures come out, but I can assure you it does. Even if you are prone to not wearing tons of make-up in your everyday life , we are really trying to let all our clients know that it is important. It can add so much to your images. Pops of color being one of them.

We believe It takes an artful eye to see the beauty and potential in each face. A pro artist is not only trained to apply flawless, enduring makeup, they are also skilled in the art of making you feel at ease in every aspect of the process from detailed wedding day timelines to working with you to create a stunning makeup style for your senior shoot that will transcend time!

Your wedding day or senior portrait session is your  mini celebrity moment and you should look and feel as amazing as those stars feel. Hiring a pro makeup artist is one way to guarantee that!

Need a makeup artist for your next shoot or big day? Have no fear we have a list of amazing artist for you!!



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